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5 Ways to Boost Inner Peace

We want peace in the world. We want peace in our time. It surely starts with our inner peace. So where do we find that? How do we realize that? What are the keys to maintaining it? Visualize Receiving Peace. Rather than envisioning yourself getting rid of what is not peaceful, visualize peace coming in […]

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Morning Prayer 16/100. Interruptions

Interruptions happen. This morning after meditating and as I was writing in my prayer journal, I listened to Flute Meditation Radio on Pandora. Free Pandora. Suddenly a voice that could have been from ’70s A.M. radio was selling hot tubs in my ear. That interruption snapped my attention from the spiritual to the human worldly. Unavoidable because […]

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Expressing Peace. Here I Am. 86.

Here I am. Friday afternoon, the crest between the work week and the weekend. Work to get to this point. Enjoy the pause at the top of the hill. Glide down into the weekend that, no matter how full, is where the week is meant to take me. At my not-too-neat desk, letting the 10 […]

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Expressing Peace. Rain’s Peace. 84.

Weather forecast for today and tomorrow: rain. Steady, needed, welcomed rain. Not everyone’s Gene Kelly. Some see downpours as interruptions, showers as bothers, and even drizzles as nuisances. There’s no poem asking the sun to go away and come again another day. However, rain does provide peace in many ways, many forms, and many meanings. […]

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