Morning Prayer 2/100: Praying Memories

Praying memories were strong this morning. About to sit and begin my journal writing, I reached for the lapboard I’ve used since 2010. It’s the board that  supported years of Mom’s drawings, sketches, paintings. It’s an over-sized, heavy-duty wooden cutting board. I cannot remember when or where Mom bought it. I can recall seeing it […]

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Morning Prayer 01/100. Your prayers’ colors

Saturday, July 4, 2015, Cindy and I enjoyed the Georgetown fireworks celebration at San Gabriel Park. Some 30,000 people all having a wonderful time and almost all dressed in some variation of red, white, and blue. Sunday at Unity Church of the Hills a great many of the people attending both services were in red, […]

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Expressing Peace. Green Peace. 52.

Green is my Peace color. Purple is my fave; just today Cindy and I painted our bedroom purple. Yet green — in its infinite shades and personalities and symbols — is my most peaceful…and peace fulfilling. I love Green Peace. By now you’re thinking of your “Peace color”. And the reasons. Good. Everyone should have […]

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