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The world: what do we pray for?

Top of the world As the world turns The world on a string Around the world In his 1873 novel, Jules Verne took us Around the World in 80 Days. Less than 100 years later Mercury satellite (and television) took us around the earth in 88 minutes. Today the internet takes us not only around […]

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About stress

About stress, psychologist William James said this: The greatest weapon against stress is our ability to choose one thought over another. I sort of stopped by to read a post by J.D. Meier (Sources of Insight). It was an OK piece about dealing with stress. Didn’t make me feel any stress. Since I didn’t feel […]

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Let it go! How do I do that? How does he?

“Let it go” were words I started saying to myself right after the election November 3. I said “let it go” again the days after January 6. And now that the second impeachment trial is over and done, I am once more encouraging myself to let it go. It is not easy. Facebook has become […]

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Praying: Scheduled or Spontaneous?

Should praying be scheduled or spontaneous?  That question probably doesn’t occur to many people. In fact, I’d wager that all the people who pray with any frequency, which is more than once a month, fall pretty equally into thirds: One-third practice scheduled praying. They follow a scheduled routine. They pray at a certain time, probably […]

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