5 Ways to Boost Inner Peace

Peace Cactus

Peace Cactus

We want peace in the world. We want peace in our time. It surely starts with our inner peace.

So where do we find that? How do we realize that? What are the keys to maintaining it?

Visualize Receiving Peace.
Rather than envisioning yourself getting rid of what is not peaceful, visualize peace coming in whatever form matters to you. Perhaps you visualize a blue sky with just a few white clouds. Maybe a sleeping child…or yourself enjoying a snooze. How about the comfort in the middle of a morning run?

Breathe with Consciousness.
Pay attention to the simple process of breathing and let the rhythm give you peace. Breathe in slowly, deeply. Imagine comfort and ease and calm filling your entire being. Hold the breath for a moment. Don’t blow it out, allow your breath to ease out of its own accord. Feel the relaxation.

Stretch your body; rest your mind.
When you work the tension out of your body, the distraction of tight shoulders abates. When the tightness is released, the mind doesn’t focus on it. For your shoulders, shrug hard. Hold your shoulders up around your ears for 20 seconds; drop them and feel the tension flow away.

Make time for peace. full. ness.
Give yourself 5 minutes every hour and let your mind rest. In those same 5 minutes divert your thinking and your doing from whatever you were thinking and doing. Unless it was very peace-ifying. Make these 5 minute peace-breaks a regular habit.

Pick your peace-making song. Listen to it. Sing it.
Some song surely puts you at ease. It’s a tune that lifts your spirits, soothes your worries, removes your stressors. It may be a gentle, easy song or a hip-hop number with jive. Whatever it is pull it out and plug it in to your ears, sing it out with your voice.

And, yes, these 5 ideas are offered specifically for your Monday!

Praying Our Inner Peace

Thank you, Peaceful Presence,
for letting me know I take (or give) my peace away
and thank you for letting me see that peace return to me.
Thank you that every breath prays my thanks to you.

Thank you that I may recall my body and my mind work better
when both are at ease.
Thank you I own the human invention time
and so can freely make time for me in which I grow
my peacefulness.
Thank you for the sounds of peace, that I may
tune into songs that soothe me into perfect ease.
The Peace from which we’re made is mine to recall.

I do so now and thank you, God.
And so it is. Amen.

Love and blessings,
5 June 2017


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