Wrong Side of the Door.

By day 3 of the cruise, Cindy and I were well acquainted with the evening dinner routine, the others at our table (#408) and our serving team, Nadan, Darko and Josephus. They were impressive. Their dedication to pleasing the customers was superlative. The effort (time+energy+enthusiasm) with which they performed was inspiring. Their smiles were constant […]

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Let Go. Let God.

I am interrupting the current Affirmantra© series, but only for this posting. Last evening I made well-being calls to those in my Prayer Chaplain group. When the call went to their voice mail, I would release the prayer message below. The more times I said it, the better I felt. Living, loving Spirit, we hear […]

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Expressing Peace. Mindfulness. 70.

Jon Kabat-Zinn says, mindfulness “wakes us up to the fact that our lives unfold only in moments.” He then defines mindfulness as the awareness that comes when we pay attention—on purpose—in the present moment, while suspending judgment. I finally understand that being mindful is not having a mind full, rather it is being mindful (attentive, […]

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Working-World Success: is it over-rated?

This 3rd of 3 lessons also focuses on success, the Unity theme for July, and looks at what we do every day, in one way or another: work. Whether we are fully employed, part-timers, pleasantly retired, in charge of our home or our parents, we spend a significant part of our time and energy working.  […]

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