Stay-home ordeal. What’s the deal?

The stay-home ordeal doesn’t have to be. Here’s the first of a series of ways to ease the ordeal, to make it a good deal, even a positive Big Deal.

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Praying Made Easy. 2. Past Self-Doubt

Getting past self-doubt is a normal, natural desire. Just is it’s perfectly normal and natural to doubt the ability to do certain things. Even the most confident individual experiences self-doubt in the face of certain things. That’s a problem when those doubts get in the way of what we want for ourselves, what we want […]

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God’s Dwelling Place.

What wonders some discoveries bring. New ways of saying and seeing things that affirm (perhaps expand) what I already know and believe. Discoveries that are new “Aha!” producers. “I was created in God’s likeness and image; I am God’s dwelling place.” (Sacred Space for Advent and the Christmas Season 2016-2017) First half of that statement […]

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Morning Prayer 22/100. Here and now

Here and now. Here. Now. Not there. Here. Not then. Now. Presence is a matter of time and space. Being present is a call to be here, now. Here and now. This place. This time. The here part is about mindfulness. Being conscious of the environment, the situation, the surroundings — even to the minutia. […]

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