The Beautiful You

That you are beautiful is really beyond dispute. The beauty of everyone of us is fact. No matter how hard we may work to convince ourselves of our imperfections, the truth is that God creates perfection from perfection. The difficulties we face in knowing ourselves as beauty and as perfection, are difficulties we create. We […]

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Spiritual Smile or Perfunctory Nod?

As I took my run Saturday morning, I came up against the impact of smiling. The impact of a smile on me, a life-long smiler. When I worked in New York City, I smiled constantly at strangers in the subways, though many friends encouraged against. Walking down streets in my friend’s New Jersey town, my […]

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Smiley-face God

Bright and early Saturday morning I headed for Lady Bird Lake, to run the hike-and-bike trail around the lake. I knew it would be crowded and I was right. No problem! I looked forward to sharing the trail with other fitness aficionados. The more the merrier. I anticipated camaraderie as heart-warming as the run would […]

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