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Expressing Peace. Here I Am. 86.

Here I am. Friday afternoon, the crest between the work week and the weekend. Work to get to this point. Enjoy the pause at the top of the hill. Glide down into the weekend that, no matter how full, is where the week is meant to take me. At my not-too-neat desk, letting the 10 […]

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Expressing Peace. Water & Peace. 45.

Water and Peace. There is a beautiful parallel between water and Peace. Water nourishes. Hydration fuels every part of your physical body: cells, blood and fluids, tissue and muscle. Although you may not always drink “pure water”, whatever you drink has water as its base. Water is vital and valuable to physical existence. Peace nourishes. […]

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Expressing Peace. Hearing Peace. 26.

I was hearing peace when Aunt Midge shared her story of Vivian, the pianist. Vivian, a career church organist and talented pianist, was new to Aunt Midge’s church of 60+ years. When Vivian learned that Midge was a piano instructor, she invited Midge to “play duets with me.” Vivian was 98 years old. Midge demurred initially, feeling under-skilled. […]

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Expressing Peace. Music. 8.

Attended a low-profile, high-energy, keyed-down, revved-up concert by Stowe Good last night at Unity Church of the Hills. Proof that Peace appears as music, music of every form. The powerful duet of Stowe Dailey and Karen Taylor Good shared songs from the heart. They sang memory movers. They roused passion and brought us calm. They poked […]

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