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Thanksgiving after Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving after Thanksgiving Day, Thanksgiving Dinner, Thanksgiving gatherings is really important. Following the turkey every 4th Thursday of November for the past several years, I’ve been conscious that I don’t want to stop concentrating on being thankful. I’ve tried to be committed to that, too. The reasons are several. One is that we have so […]

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Cadence in Praying: 4 Prayers Each Day

Cadence in Praying? Simply put, for me it means a pattern, a rhythmic sequence to prayers that I rely on. And of course it means the prayers that make up that sequence. Cadence relates to rhythm, tempo, beat. I’ll bet you can immediately identify a cadence that personally appeals to you. Rainfall on a tin roof. […]

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Let Judgement Go to Find Comfort Praying (4 of 4)

Becoming more comfortable with prayer and with praying starts with letting go of self-judgement.

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Where Praying Starts (3 of 4)

Where praying starts seems like something everyone, anyone knows. But is it? Where does praying start is a pretty important question if the answer can make praying easier for us, if the answer can make us more comfortable with praying. No telling how many times I have wrestled with starting a blog post, a poem, […]

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