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Working Affirmation? Why? What? How? (Part 1)

A working affirmation? These questions came across my Facebook feed: why isn’t my affirmation working?  what can I do to make it work? I laughed and then threw away all the judgment thoughts I was having. Most of them anyway. As a devout applier of affirmations for 30+ years, I really liked the opportunity to […]

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Myself or My Self? Which Matters More?

Myself or my Self? is probably not a question we ask often. It may be a question we’ve never considered. How we answer the question and where our answer takes us, can be an exciting journey. Lesson #358 of A Course in Miracles is Let me not forget that myself is nothing, but my Self […]

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Praying: Scheduled or Spontaneous?

Should praying be scheduled or spontaneous?  That question probably doesn’t occur to many people. In fact, I’d wager that all the people who pray with any frequency, which is more than once a month, fall pretty equally into thirds: One-third practice scheduled praying. They follow a scheduled routine. They pray at a certain time, probably […]

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Praying with Our Sense of Humor

Praying with our sense of humor can be as natural and as pleasant and as beneficial as we let it be. We presume praying is serious business and it is. It can also be as playful and as joyful and as releasing as we let it be. It only takes a little humor. Humor is  […]

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