Expressing Peace. Rain’s Peace. 84.



Weather forecast for today and tomorrow: rain. Steady, needed, welcomed rain.

Not everyone’s Gene Kelly. Some see downpours as interruptions, showers as bothers, and even drizzles as nuisances. There’s no poem asking the sun to go away and come again another day.

However, rain does provide peace in many ways, many forms, and many meanings. What kinds of peace does rain bring?

For the farmers rain nurtures the crops.

For the child it fills the puddle, invites the splash.

For the poets rain is God’s tears, monotone music, dancing on the roof.

For the lover it hugs the outside closer in around.

For the gardeners rain springs flowers.

For one forgetful it fills the birdbath.

For birds rain forgives the forgetful.

For the artist it lays gray on gray on gray.

For the drivers rain whispers, “Take care.”

So many peaces it provides. What peace does rain bring you?

Sweet Showering Spirit,
the beauty and the peace,
the music and the calm,
the embrace and the kiss
of your sweet rain
are so many gifts.
We sing our gratitude
for all these showers
of your love upon us.
We drink the blessings your rain
brings us.
We bathe our lives in thanks
for what appears magic, science
and what is really your Peace
expressed as drops of peace
we may receive.
And so it is. Amen. Amen.

Enjoy the rain. Express Peace.

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