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Morning Rituals. How many?

Morning rituals are, literally, an everyday occurrence. Many would think that a ritual is spiritual and a routine is just a repeated behavior. Like a routine, a ritual is repeated. And we can give our routines plenty of spiritual energy. Do you have spiritual rituals? Are they attached to your morning? A University of Connecticut […]

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Morning Prayer 34/100. Beyond words

Tao is beyond words. and beyond understanding. Wayne Dyer’s transition 2 weeks ago led me back to his books, several of which I read long ago. I was drawn to one I have not read: Living the Wisdom of the Tao. And as I read about it, scanned it on Amazon, I decided not to […]

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Morning Prayer 16/100. Interruptions

Interruptions happen. This morning after meditating and as I was writing in my prayer journal, I listened to Flute Meditation Radio on Pandora. Free Pandora. Suddenly a voice that could have been from ’70s A.M. radio was selling hot tubs in my ear. That interruption snapped my attention from the spiritual to the human worldly. Unavoidable because […]

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Expressing Peace. Whispurr. 83

I am asleep on my back when Whispurr gently steps — one paw a time — on my chest. She settles with her forefeet tucked between her sternum and mine. Almost awake, I recall our just-as-gentle first meeting.  At PetCo in Sterling, VA., 2001, I said OK to the volunteer’s invitation to “just see how […]

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