Your Best Impression

Impressions mark our lives. Those impressions we make on others; those others make on us. Now that I’m the age I am, two things occur frequently: I reflect on people I’ve known and I regret the negative impressions I’ve left on too many. Almost everything in life leaves an impression. That leaf, weighing almost nothing, left […]

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Morning Prayer: 39/100. User-friendly Praying.

A couple of weeks ago I made May’s well-being calls to my list of people from church. Purpose of the call is to ask if they’d like a prayer and offer to share one with them. This time one person went into some detail about why s/he would like a prayer. I asked if they’d […]

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Morning Prayer 15/100. A field beyond

A field beyond all ideas of right and wrong is where we are all meant to be. Rumi’s 13th Century poem simplifies the beauty of the perfect existence from which we are created and for which we are created. There is the true existence that does not know the opposites of good/bad, light/dark, right/wrong. That […]

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Expressing Peace. Daily Word. 34.

Today’s Daily Word from Unity is comfort. God’s abundant peace is only a thought away. I am comforted by the divine inner light shining peace, power, and love within me. I love the Daily Word, read it every day, and always find spiritual meaning and import. However….for the past 34 days, my personal daily word has […]

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