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Return to Running…and to Prayerful Life.

Thanksgiving Day I ran the Georgetown (TX) 5 Mile Turkey Trot. First road race in quite a few years. June of this year I posted the previous Prayerful Life piece. Today then marks the first post in several months. I began running in 1980. In 1999 I began praying with something near the fervor of […]

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Morning Prayer: 40/100. The Door Problem.

I haven’t discovered the truth of the young boy’s freeing the 18-wheeler truck wedged beneath an overpass. Story is he suggested they let air out of the tires. I have discovered the accuracy of his principle! Cindy and I expected the delivery of a new chair for our living room. We wanted to move the […]

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Morning Prayer 34/100. Beyond words

Tao is beyond words. and beyond understanding. Wayne Dyer’s transition 2 weeks ago led me back to his books, several of which I read long ago. I was drawn to one I have not read: Living the Wisdom of the Tao. And as I read about it, scanned it on Amazon, I decided not to […]

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Morning Prayer 26/100. No longer praying for….

Earlier this week, I stopped praying for. In my morning meditation Tuesday, I was led to realize that if I pray for something, I affirm lack of something. I am praying to fill an emptiness with whatever I am praying for, be it health or prosperity or love or relationship strength or security or peace […]

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