Morning Prayer 34/100. Beyond words

Beyond words

Beyond words

Tao is beyond words.
and beyond understanding.

Wayne Dyer’s transition 2 weeks ago led me back to his books, several of which I read long ago. I was drawn to one I have not read: Living the Wisdom of the Tao.

And as I read about it, scanned it on Amazon, I decided not to read it but to imitate Dyer’s effort and energy. To spend a year reading the 81 principles of The Tao Te Ching of Lao Tzu. I started right away with Brian Browne Walker’s translation of The Tao that I have read several times.

But this time I wanted to go beyond the words, to spend 3-4 days with each principle. Reading and rereading. Meditating and contemplating. Writing and writing some more. And most importantly, living each one. Or trying at least to live the principle without putting my human, Western mind to work deciphering, analyzing, assigning meaning, finding analogies.

So I read the words and came up against the first line in Principle 1: Tao is beyond words.

Letting go of words entirely is impossible, but reading Walker’s translation this time I felt the real intention of those opening lines: that I let go of my need to understand in the rational, mental, earthly way. That I let go of the words. That I go beyond the words.

As much as I pray and as often as I rely on words to shape and express my praying, I am sensing a year-long doorway to a wonderful experience…beyond the words. You’re welcome to join me.

Loving Spirit,
I long to know
wordlessly, mindlessly in my heart
what I yet put into words.
I thank you for my freedom
from relying on language
to know you.
I adore the power and the possibility
of needing no labels
and lacking no definitions
of One as All.
And so it is. Amen.

Love and blessings,




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