Return to Running…and to Prayerful Life.

Thanksgiving Day I ran the Georgetown (TX) 5 Mile Turkey Trot. First road race in quite a few years.

June of this year I posted the previous Prayerful Life piece. Today then marks the first post in several months.2016-turkey-trot

I began running in 1980. In 1999 I began praying with something near the fervor of my early running years.

I ran my first road race in 1984, and through the next 15 years I entered some 100 races. Lots of tee shirts. I began this spiritual blog––in March 2010. Some 350 posts. Lots of praying. Much in common: as many races as I could run, as many posts as I could write…on a faithfully regular basis.

The fun and energy and joy of “coming back” to a road race reminded me of both the pleasure of doing and the blessing of being able to.

Driving home after the race I heard the parallel: coming back to, both the pleasure of writing and the blessing of wanting to.

The race’s tee shirt is a definite attention-getter. My return to posting here gets even more of my attention.

I’m delighted to be back. A strong commitment. Outstanding thanks. Even greater thanksgiving.

What’s next? My praying goes on unabated, perhaps more powerful for me than before. And running goes on, provider of so much gratification. Road races? Perhaps. Absolutely. I hope you join me for the run.

Good Friend and Running Partner,
I am so grateful to see so many connections
of what I do and what I feel,
of who I am and that I AM,
of signs you let me see and that I see them,
of life’s being a joyful run and not a race or contest.
Thank you, GOD, that we know life as a joyful journey without a finish line.
And thank you for the blessings we encounter on our run.
And so it is. Amen.

Love and blessings,

26 November 2016

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