Your 2020 Vision?

Have you sharpened your 2020 Vision? This year is meant for more than resolutions. This is the year to set your vision. You want to see it clearly and then improve the focus by seeing it more distinctly, in greater detail, and with ever-increasing joy and motivation.

2020 is the year for vision!

2020 is the start of a new decade, not just any decade: the 20s decade. It’s either the 20th or the 21st year of the second millennium. [I counted 2000 as the 1st year, which makes 2020 the 21st, but not everyone agrees with that.]

2020 is a leap year, giving us an extra day to spotlight our vision.

I haven’t ever believed too much in New Year’s Resolutions. For the last 20 or so years I’ve felt strongly instead about having at least one goal for the year.  In the last couple of years I’ve become passionate about finding, seeing, and reaching a yearly vision. I know that’s why 2019 was such a wonderful year for me, personally.

And heading into 2020, I’ve even sharpened my efforts. Not for more or better visions, but for a more exciting and energizing way to go after my vision.

So, thanks for allowing me to share my process for creating a full-scale, fulfilling 2020 Vision. Feel free to hit Comment below with any questions, suggestions, reactions. Please.

Allow your Vision.

Make time to look into your heart. What do you see? Look deeper, beyond what you see that is current, present, in your here-and-now. See ahead. What will be perfection in 2020? Allow yourself to examine whatever visions come to you. Rotate them as if they were jewels your were considering. Feel their weight. See the light shining through them. Allow yourself to ask, “Is this what I truly want? Truly?” Allow yourself to answer. Truly.

Write your vision down as more than just a word or phrase. Spend some time putting paragraphs around the vision. This is letting you draw it from your heart to your mind. Important because your mind will be a major player in your fulfilling the vision.

After you know and see your vision, it’s time to determine intentions and goals. There is often confusion and discussion as to the difference between intentions and goals.

I like Donna Zajong‘s clarification that:

Goals are external achievements.
Intentions are about your relationship with yourself and others.

Almost all external achievements depend to some degree upon one’s relationship with the self and with others involved in or impacted by the achievement. Therefore, it seems to me the place to start is with the intentions.

Align your Intentions.

Your intentions state simply how you want to be, act, and show up in the world. Those intentions underscore the attitude and mindset with which you approach (and handle) the world. At the same time, your intentions fuel and power how you appreciate and inspire your Self.

Spend some time with your vision. Enjoy projecting ventures–maybe adventures–that will show you more details and that will move you closer to your vision. Let your heart and mind work together identifying milestones of the successful journey to your vision. As well, allow your heart and mind to encounter potential obstacles and know they can and will be bypassed. Even if you don’t know how. Yet.

As you spend that time with your vision, your consciousness will signal specific intentions that complement your vision. Those intentions will insure that you and your vision are very much in sync.

I distinguish intentions from affirmations and from action statements and, obviously, from goals. For me an intention is a statement of being rather than doing or believing. Consequently, I work with long-term intentions rather than daily ones. That doesn’t mean I can’t or don’t change them, if I am called to change them.

Examples of mine for 2020:

It is my intention to BE

Write them down. Keep them brief. Deepak Chopra said:

Intentions compressed into words enfold magical powers.

Affix your Goals.

Now comes the goal setting. Once you have intentions in heart and mind, you can create goals. I start with yearly goals. As the year progresses, I use my intentions to inspire monthly–perhaps even weekly–goals.

While it is easier to set a goal than to achieve it, it is not always a piece of cake to set a goal. Some suggestions, if I may:

When you have clearly identified your goals. Write them down. Edit and rewrite them as many times as you need to get them exactly the way you want them to be, stating exactly what you want to achieve.

Embrace your Spirituality.

This is not really just a step in the process of creating your 2020 Vision. Embracing your spirituality encompasses recognizing, understanding, expanding, appreciating, attending, and enjoying your spiritual being. Those are actions–indeed, consciousness–that is present before and during each of the previous steps.

Your 2020 Vision is something beautiful, probably awe-inspiring both as an intentional goal and as an ultimate achievement. And it is pragmatic. You’ll set vision and intentions and goals that are realistic. Good for you. Spirit and vision come together in the human world, too.

Of course, there is nothing as good or as powerful as praying to help you allow your vision, align your intentions, affix your goal, and embrace your spirituality. Not to mention how good it feels to pray all around your 2020 vision, along the way!

Praying to my 2020 Vision

Good Friend, God, Happy New Year.
More than that, happy vision for the new year.
Happy that our vision, whatever vision we choose for ourselves,
is 20-20 clear and focused.
Your guidance of our intentions and our goals,
your love and energy flowing through our assimilating
all that will be our very best in 2020,
your presence in our every second, minute of every day,
for all of this we thank you, Good Friend.
You bless our vision as you bless our power,
our ability to have and enjoy and realize our vision.
And so it is. And so we let it be!

Love & blessings,



December 31, 2019

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