Let Go. Let God.

Westport DawnI am interrupting the current Affirmantra© series, but only for this posting.

Last evening I made well-being calls to those in my Prayer Chaplain group. When the call went to their voice mail, I would release the prayer message below. The more times I said it, the better I felt.

Living, loving Spirit,
we hear so often that we should ‘Let go and let God.’
Today is the day, I believe, to do just that.
Today we let go of all tension and let Your peace flow through our consciousness.
Today we let go of any doubt and let Your blessings fill our hearts and satisfy every need.
Today we let go of every worry and let Your praying join with ours in co-creating everything
as it is meant to be.
Today we let go of all resistance and restraint and let Your unconditional love fill our hearts.
And so it is. And so we thank You, GOD.

Love and blessings,



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