Wrong Side of the Door.

Dinner Aboard the Breeze

Dinner Aboard the Breeze

By day 3 of the cruise, Cindy and I were well acquainted with the evening dinner routine, the others at our table (#408) and our serving team, Nadan, Darko and Josephus. They were impressive. Their dedication to pleasing the customers was superlative. The effort (time+energy+enthusiasm) with which they performed was inspiring. Their smiles were constant and bright. They anticipated every need, often like mind-readers of our next request. And with aplomb they carried the trays laden with 3 tables’ servings: 24 covered dishes–8 stacks of 3 each! Piled high and heavy!

It happened during that third dinner. Everyone at our table had dinner in front of them. Securely. I was already a couple of bites into mine, in fact.

We heard a detonation somewhere close to our table. Not just a rumble, more like a short, powerful avalanche. Others at Table 408 commented: “Oh my!”, “That isn’t good!”, “I hope no one was hurt!” Each of us looked around curious for the cause.

Our servers were standing at the serving table just outside the swinging doors to the kitchen. They stared at the kitchen with familiar alarm. Looked like they could see right through the doors that I could see were closed. Nadan lowered his eyes. Darko shook his head. Josephus turned away.

Then they returned to duty. Bringing drinks. Asking if anything was needed. Refreshing the bread basket. I was hesitant to ask Nadan what had happened. He read my face’s curiosity and simply said, “They were on the wrong side of the door.”

We never saw but each of us surely imagined 24 entrees strewn across the kitchen’s entryway. 24 brown plastic covers scattered like soldiers’ caps after battle. Shards and chips of plates that didn’t survive contact with the floor. All from being on the wrong side of the door.

We never saw who was carrying the full tray to serve three tables. Someone intent on giving their time, energy and enthusiasm. Someone who was going out the wrong side as someone else was coming in the right side, just one beat sooner. The evening went on.

So, it’s a story with no end. Which means it lets us write the ending. From our hearts.

Loving Spirit,
You present us, gift us, with so much that affirms
we are the wonderful creations you have made.
You grace us with the freedom to be, to do, to have
what we choose.
You free us to create and find and enjoy
what is good, joyful, peace-filled.
You allow us to choose routes with potholes,
beds with splinters, and shirts that scratch.

You love us as we soar and as we stumble.
You bless us when we cry and as we laugh.
You smile on us whether we choose the door
on the right side or the wrong side.

We thank you as we repair what’s broken
and as we enjoy what works.

We thank you, God, that we are always home
with you.

And so it is. Amen.

Love and blessings,

5 December 2016