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Expressing Peace. Green Peace. 52.

Green is my Peace color. Purple is my fave; just today Cindy and I painted our bedroom purple. Yet green — in its infinite shades and personalities and symbols — is my most peaceful…and peace fulfilling. I love Green Peace. By now you’re thinking of your “Peace color”. And the reasons. Good. Everyone should have […]

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Expressing Peace. Peace Mantra. 22.

A peace mantra can be  a powerfully peaceful addition to meditation. Not necessary but potentially a plus. Do you meditate with a mantra? Mantra is thought to mean “mind protector.” Perhaps a mantra protects the mind from following distracting thoughts when one meditates. If I’ve meditated 25 years, perhaps I’ve used 25 mantras. Not necessarily […]

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The Brow Chakra

On to the Brow Chakra, which cultivates a strong and independent mind, offering the mental applications we require for creating our own happy, fulfilling lives. Meditation to the Brow Chakra, Ajna* Thank you, God, for my free thought. [I love you, God.] Thank you, God, for giving me God-mind. [I love you, God.] Thank you, […]

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The Throat Chakra

We move today to the Throat Chakra.  Unlike the three previous energy centers (chakras), this one differentiates us from other life forms. The throat is both an expressive channel (voice) and a receptive channel (food, drink). Meditation to the Throat Chakra, Vishuddha* Thank you, God, that I may speak prayers with you. [I love you, […]

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