Morning Prayer 2/100: Praying Memories

Mom's board: praying memories

Praying Memories: Side 1

Praying memories were strong this morning. About to sit and begin my journal writing, I reached for the lapboard I’ve used since 2010. It’s the board that  supported years of Mom’s drawings, sketches, paintings. It’s an over-sized, heavy-duty wooden cutting board. I cannot remember when or where Mom bought it. I can recall seeing it in her studio, on her lap, or leaning against a wall somewhere with a drawing taped to it. It is one of the most concrete reminders I have saved.

About 3 months ago, I reached for it as I did this morning. I lifted it by one of its corners. It fell to pieces. Literally. The four tongue-and-grooved parts of Mom’s long-time artist’s tool came unglued. Its clatter to the floor was just a bit louder than my shout.

Mom's Board: praying memories

Side 2

I was heart-broken. Every day I got to hold it in my lap, to feel its strength and support beneath my writing. It gave me wonderful memories of Mom’s love of art. It let me recall the strength and support she was throughout our life. And now it was in pieces.

At that very moment, I felt my prayer. It was too rushed, too multi for words. A blend of thanks and hope and affirmation integrated like the colors in Mom’s paintings.

And at once my hands knew the prayer was answered; they quickly refitted the four pieces of wood together. The tongues fit tightly into the grooves. Some firm squeezes, even a couple of hard taps against each edge of the board, and the parts were whole.

I thought about re-gluing the board. But why? I now have the everyday reminder to treat it gently, to squeeze occasionally to keep its parts as one. It offers the strength, the support. And the memories.

Good morning, God!
I am both calmed and excited to pray with you this morning.
The specific memories that spring to my heart
open abundant gratitudes for events and emotions, friendships and experiences,
tears and consolations, and laughters and celebrations that have gone before.
Knowing that Here and Now are all that is
and that our being is only in the present,
I am thankful to share in this moment how I am
touched by all that I remember.
Thank you, God.

Love and blessings,




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