Expressing Peace. Green Peace. 52.

Green Peace

Green Peace

Green is my Peace color. Purple is my fave; just today Cindy and I painted our bedroom purple. Yet green — in its infinite shades and personalities and symbols — is my most peaceful…and peace fulfilling. I love Green Peace.

By now you’re thinking of your “Peace color”. And the reasons. Good. Everyone should have a color that brings Peace.

Spring sings the return of green. Trees bud with what will be rich green leaves. Grass turns brown to green and begs barefooting. Green stems of soon-to-flower plants break through the earth. Green Peace bursts forth for me in Spring.

Summer follows and green flourishes. Green on green on green: shrubs and trees and lawns grow thicker, fuller, plusher. And more green. Green Peace swells within me and around me as I soak it in.

Anahata, the heart chakra, associates the color green. The heart chakra is our energy center from which love and joy and happiness and compassion flow. As we summon love from our lower chakras, we build the energy to share love through our higher chakras. For me, the love and joy and happiness are emotions I associate with Peace. And Peace with green.

I’d love to hear of your Peace color. I’d love to hear that Peace in your praying.

GOD of Every Color,
whatever is our favorite color
your gift is that it brings us Peace.
The color green or red or purple,
blue or pink or yellow,
tan or rust or orange
shows us Peace, reminds us Peace is
and Peace is what we are.
We are your Peace; our favorite color
shares with us the sight of Peace
that colors brilliantly
the way we love
and sing our joy
and lift our arms in thanks
for the happiness
our color brings.
We love you GOD
and your infinity of hues.
And so it is. Amen. Amen.

Enjoy Peace. Color Peace.


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