Morning Prayer 01/100. Your prayers’ colors

July 4 2015

Your Prayers’ Colors?

Saturday, July 4, 2015, Cindy and I enjoyed the Georgetown fireworks celebration at San Gabriel Park. Some 30,000 people all having a wonderful time and almost all dressed in some variation of red, white, and blue. Sunday at Unity Church of the Hills a great many of the people attending both services were in red, white, and blue.

A beautiful carry over from the actual 4th. How wonderful that our love of America, its history, its successes, and its commitment to freedom can be expressed by simply donning red, white and blue. How wonderful that so many still felt that way on the 5th.

Colors are a wonderful way to express our commitment. Not just patriotism for our country. For many purple has a strong spiritual connection. Green takes on and communicates belief in (and protection of) our environment. Gold suggests the highest honor and achievement.

Color can wonderfully emphasize your praying, too. Have you ever allowed yourself to strongly pronounce one color as you pray — not pronounced by your voice, but pronounced in your vision? This morning my prayer for peace was filled with the yellow beauty of the sunrise, even before the sun had risen. What colors can you paint your prayers for health? Prosperity? Love? Joy?

Of course, there is no Color Code for Prayers. No one and nothing says you must stick with one color for one type of prayer. What color does your heart see and feel at the exact moment of praying? That’s the only cue you need.  Sybil MacBeth’s wonderful Praying in Color gives beautiful evidence of this.

Good friend, God.
I am blessed to see the array of my prayers’ colors I choose!
You surround us and fill us and bless us
with the power to know the infinite colors of our universe.
We begin with the rainbow colors.
We are energized by our chakra colors.
Our eyes delight to blue skies, green meadows, yellow corn.
Our hearts feel the passionate red that is love.
Our faith beats a strong purple pulse.
God, thank you for helping me remember I always have the joy to see
my prayers’ colors.
I love you, God. Thank you. Amen.

Love and blessings,




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