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Morning Prayer 20/100. Gratitude

If you don’t know the language of gratitude, you’ll not be on speaking terms with happiness. (Unknown source) Meister Eckhardt said that if “Thank you!” is the only prayer one ever says, that will be enough. I’m delighted to be discovering/uncovering more and more ways to be aware of my gratitude. That means in turn […]

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Morning Prayer 01/100. Your prayers’ colors

Saturday, July 4, 2015, Cindy and I enjoyed the Georgetown fireworks celebration at San Gabriel Park. Some 30,000 people all having a wonderful time and almost all dressed in some variation of red, white, and blue. Sunday at Unity Church of the Hills a great many of the people attending both services were in red, […]

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Expressing Peace. Blessings. 62.

How blessed are you? How many blessings happen to you every day? I recently read that the degree you feel blessed determines how much you allow good things to flow to you.  The more blessed you feel, the more good things are likely to happen. I would call that a peace-maker. Aren’t these pretty common […]

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Expressing Peace. Friends. 48.

Friends cause peace in perhaps an infinity of ways. Seeing friends from long ago or far away brings the peace of “It is still so.” Speaking with a friend for the 3rd or 4th time today affirms there isn’t too much of something so good. Thinking of friends I had for different reasons and in […]

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