Morning Prayer 20/100. Gratitude



If you don’t know the language of gratitude, you’ll not be on speaking terms with happiness. (Unknown source)

Meister Eckhardt said that if “Thank you!” is the only prayer one ever says, that will be enough.

I’m delighted to be discovering/uncovering more and more ways to be aware of my gratitude. That means in turn I am discovering/uncovering the benefits that brings. Quite simply, the more I feel and express and share my thanks, the more reasons I find. A Pandora’s box in the positive.

All sorts of scientific evidence show that gratitude pays off. Follow the links for interesting reading!

And there are all sorts of non-scientific ways to tap into your gratitude, to know your gratitude, and to bring the additional benefits gratitude brings. (The Return on Gratitude: the ROG?)

I am thankful for being led to write this. Thank you for any thoughts you wish to share.

God of Blessings, God of Thanks,
you provide so many reasons for my gratitude
and all have meaning, from the most minuscule
to the most outstanding.
You fill my heart with Peace and Joy.
You fill my mind with your Awareness.
You fill my body with laughter and health,
with energy and ability.
You bring me through my senses appreciation
of the world we share.
You bring me through my awareness belief
in the Truth we are.
You bring me through my spirit faith
that we are One.
God, thank you for all that is.
Thank you that I AM.
And so it is.

Love and blessings,



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