Expressing Peace. Blessings. 62.



How blessed are you? How many blessings happen to you every day?

I recently read that the degree you feel blessed determines how much you allow good things to flow to you.  The more blessed you feel, the more good things are likely to happen.

I would call that a peace-maker.

Aren’t these pretty common causes of not feeling peaceful:

Let me ask you some questions. And let me encourage you to give yourself a moment to answer, really answer, each question. Take a deep, slow breath and think about your answer.  Then move on to the next question. Total time: perhaps 10 minutes.

How blessed do you feel?

Is waking up every day a blessing?

Do you “count your blessings” at bedtime?

How many times a day do you tell someone about one of your blessings?

How many times do you actually call them “blessings”?

What triggers do you have to keep you from taking your blessings for granted?

What is your biggest blessing right now?

What are some “small” blessing you experience frequently?

How can you keep your mind on “I am blessed”?

How blessed do you feel right now?

Thank you for answering those questions. Thank you for blessing me with your Being.

Bountiful Blessing Giver,
every blessing brings us Peace
for every blessing shows and tells us
you are Omnipresence.
We are blessed by the peace we bring ourselves
when we realize our blessings, savor our blessings,
and thank you for them.
What wonder and how wonderful to know
our blessings have no degree of greatness.
The blink of an eye, the birth of a baby,
a shooting star, thunder pealing, field horses working
blessings all, surrounded by infinitely more.
This life is a blessing and the eternal being
of which it’s not even an instant a blessing, too.
We thank you, GOD. We love you and your blessings.
And so it is. Amen. Amen.

Enjoy Peace. Express Peace.



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