The Brow Chakra

On to the Brow Chakra, which cultivates a strong and independent mind, offering the mental applications we require for creating our own happy, fulfilling lives.

Meditation to the Brow Chakra, Ajna*

Thank you, God, for my free thought. [I love you, God.]

Thank you, God, for giving me God-mind. [I love you, God.]

Thank you, God, for supplying my curiosity. [I love you, God.]

Thank you, God, for linking my senses with my mind. [I love you, God.]

Thank you, God, that the Universal Mind says yes to mine. [I love you, God.]

* The Brow Chakra keys to creating our reality on the physical, mental, and emotional levels. This chakra offers us the energy to awaken our minds, to expand our inner pictures of our self and our world. The Brow Chakra is responsive to affirmations of our goodness and confirmations of our worth. Affirming ourselves plants seeds of goodness in our subconscious mind.

Happy Saturday,

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