The Throat Chakra

We move today to the Throat Chakra.  Unlike the three previous energy centers (chakras), this one differentiates us from other life forms. The throat is both an expressive channel (voice) and a receptive channel (food, drink).

Meditation to the Throat Chakra, Vishuddha*

Thank you, God, that I may speak prayers with you. [I love you, God.]

Thank you, God, for my speaking talents. [I love you, God.]

Thank you, God, that speaking Truth has such power. [I love you, God.]

Thank you, God, that my throat, my voice are creative outlets. [I love you, God.]

Thank you, God, that I respect the value of silence. [I love you, God.]

* The Throat Chakra is connected to the lower chakras as it provides food and drink. The   quantity and quality of our intake affect the energy of those chakras. As well, our ability to speak, to express our thoughts and feelings, connects to the higher chakras. Our emotions and our mental powers are strengthened by a strong Throat Chakra: how we live and how we express our being directly affects the energy we have for our lives.

Happy Friday!

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