Child pose.

Immediately after church service this morning, I intercepted friend Joanna at the back of the sanctuary. Shortly before, I had received a wonderful treat from her 9-year-old daughter, Serena. “I had the most fun watching Serena listen intently to the Sunday School story of Mary and Joseph making their way to Bethlehem. The class was […]

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Morning Prayer 14/100. Self reflection

Self reflection is a great deal of everything. And, I believe, self reflection is simply a great deal. Notice the photograph I took yesterday, of a very young girl trying on sun glasses in a shop in Carmel by the Sea. She had it down to an artful science. Select a pair of sunglasses, slip […]

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Expressing Peace. Strength. 97.

The phrase “peace through strength” goes as far back as Hadrian, Roman Emperor from 117-138 A.D. It’s most often been taken to support the idea that a strong military guarantees peace. Let’s take it another way. Let’s consider the various strengths we personally know and the peace we derive from those strengths. Let’s keep in […]

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The lone survivor

Feeling torn by the truth of the film Lone Survivor is an understatement. The movie’s story is of Navy Seals and other American soldiers in a tragic war event in Afghanistan in 2005. The 2 hours vividly recount heroism, loss of life, brotherly love, patriotism, personal and ethnic honor, and much, much more. Lone Survivor is tough to watch. […]

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