Child pose.

Child Pose

Child Pose

Immediately after church service this morning, I intercepted friend Joanna at the back of the sanctuary. Shortly before, I had received a wonderful treat from her 9-year-old daughter, Serena.

“I had the most fun watching Serena listen intently to the Sunday School story of Mary and Joseph making their way to Bethlehem. The class was spread out on their carpet pads. Several other youngsters surrounded Serena. Each of them sprawled, stirred, wiggled non-stop. She held the perfect child pose.

“Serena was folded motionless over her knees on her carpet pad. Her feet tucked under her bottom. Her head rested on her rolled-up parka, just above her knees. Her arms reached down bedside her legs, her hands tucked beneath her ankles. Her bright red cap with ear flaps and strings added perfect punctuation.

“From a few feet away and giving only a quick glance, I might have thought she was a colorful backpack lying there on the floor. Then I heard Serena calmly, quietly add to the discussion of  Mary and Joseph and their donkey a few days before their big event.  Her agility impressed me. Her freedom delighted me. And her youth enthused me. Thank you! And please thank Serena for me!”

With all the love and pride a mother can have, Joanna brushed the tear and thanked me. She then said, “And I wanted to thank you for something too, even before you told me about Serena.”

She then reminded me of a meeting we attended almost a year ago. “In the discussion about physical well-being, someone said our bodies are temples. And you offered a different idea: that our bodies are vehicles rather than temples. That has meant so much to me since then. Thank you.”

How wonderful when a circle closes. Two separate instances, spanning a year, connected by a mother and daughter. Two separate demonstrations that our physical being transports us through this human existence. Two powerful illustrations of our bodies giving varied and beautiful expression to our spiritual reality.

And what perfect gifts to receive in this wonderful season! I am thankful!

Sweet Spirit!
What a wonderful gift the body is.
You grant us the power
to travel in our bodies where we will,
to fine tune them as we choose,
to care for them with love or not.
Truth is the wonderful realization
that our bodies are but tools
directed by our minds
led by the Spirit we are of you.
Ours is the freedom to enjoy
the body vehicle in child pose
or as couch potato.
Ours is the grace to know
what is forever is our Spirit:
your Presence, your Power, your Love.
And so it is and so we thank you, GOD.

Love and blessings,

19 December 2016

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