The lone survivor

Feeling torn by the truth of the film Lone Survivor is an understatement. The movie’s story is of Navy Seals and other American soldiers in a tragic war event in Afghanistan in 2005. The 2 hours vividly recount heroism, loss of life, brotherly love, patriotism, personal and ethnic honor, and much, much more. Lone Survivor is tough to watch. […]

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The Lord’s Prayer: It Means So Much More

The Lord’s Prayer is the one thing all Christian churches have in common. It is estimated that more people say The Lord’s Prayer more often than any other Christian prayer. Emmett Fox in his book Sermon on the Mount, says The Lord’s Prayer is A compact formula for the development of the soul. It is […]

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PersonAll Success: what you mean to your Self

That title evokes comparison with ArmorAll, a product line for every part of the car: Interior, Exterior, Wheels & Tires. This past Sunday we looked at PersonAll, a way to bring our bodies, minds and spirit all to one sense of Self, to awareness of the PersonAll, the all-person. To hear the complete lesson, click […]

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