Where’s my authenticity?

I am authentic

I am authentic
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With no concern for my authenticity, I read Michael Gelb’s How to Think Like Leonardo da Vinci in 1998, 20 years ago. Curiosita is the first of the seven principles that generated Leonardo da Vinci’s genius. It obviously means curiosity.

One of Gelb’s book’s exercises is to stretch (and test) one’s curiosita by listing 100 questions…100 life questions.

That challenge—and with it a prayer for stamina and patience—just to discover 100 questions may seem like enough for this post. I assure you asking 100 life questions is easier than you might expect. Once you have written 5-10 questions, you they start coming to you faster, easier, and with a rewarding sense of aha!

The real challenge is answering the questions. That rang especially true for me just this week. I discovered my several lists of 100 curiosita questions in a 1998 journal I was reading this weekend. I did not find an answer to a single question in the journal.

Now, 20 years down the road, many of the questions my life itself has answered. Or made irrelevant. Yet, several—quite a few—are still unanswered, and there’s no question about their relevance.

I am not suggesting you would ask the same life questions. Nor do I assume you haven’t answered them if you did ask them. I do know I have found delightful peace and comfort in approaching these 20-year-old questions after a  little bit of prayer.

So I’ll share my actual experience. Perhaps you’ll find some value*.

In Search of Authenticity

Spirit-without-Question, 20 years ago
I consciously asked, “What can I do to know
I am always being true and authentic to myself?”
I’m thinking my discovering the question
in a journal I wrote but don’t remember
is a push to answer that question.
Now seems a good time for me to answer.
Or at least to start answering. Or trying to answer
And of course I want your help.
I want the answer and I know it is better that I find it myself.
So I am not asking you to give me the answer.
I am telling you instead I want your guidance
in my finding the answer.
That guidance may just be assurance
that I can find the answer if I only look
That assurance may be the gentle reminder
of the Love I know is your Truth.

That reminder is that I am always certain
I am of your Truth, of your creation.
That certainty affirms my true, authentic being.

Awesome! Thank you, Spirit! Amen!

Love & blessings,


August 28, 2018

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