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peace through strength

Peace through Strength

The phrase “peace through strength” goes as far back as Hadrian, Roman Emperor from 117-138 A.D. It’s most often been taken to support the idea that a strong military guarantees peace.

Let’s take it another way. Let’s consider the various strengths we personally know and the peace we derive from those strengths. Let’s keep in mind that our strength and the peace it provides come, ultimately, from the Peace of Spirit with which are created.

I offer you these statements.

I know truth.

I have faith.

I enjoy peace.

Is each one true for you? If each (or any) of the statements is true, is it a statement of strength? Are you stronger knowing truth? Are you stronger having faith? Are you stronger when you enjoy peace?

I suspect the answers thus far are “yes.” And so I offer this: if those are strengths that create peace, then we know peace through strength.

How much peace do you derive from knowing truth? The serenity of being sure of your beliefs gives you peace. The security of trusting what you know is truth generates peace. The safety you feel relying on what is true rather than the feeling the waver of doubt creates peace for you.

What is the peace production from faith? Faith produces trust to rely on Spirit. Faith produces comfort in giving up to Spirit’s direction. Faith produces certainty that what is put in circulation comes back abundantly. That’s peace produced a variety of ways.

When  you enjoy peace, do you not find that makes for more peace? Peace is like a smile: one generates another which generates another. Peace is like a hug: given and received at once a hug makes you want another. Thinking about peace, reflecting on peace, imagining peace are peace-promoting activities. Just sensing peace promotes peace.

And it’s a self-fulfilling experience. Peace gives us strength. Strength gives us peace. And not the way Hadrian meant it.

Everlasting Spirit,
you are our source of strength
and our source of peace,
one and the same.
The Peace from which we’re made
gives us strength.
The strength we get from loving you
brings us peace.
Our faith is strong and offers peace.
Your truth is Peace which makes us strong.
The peace we feel, the Peace we are
empower us to live and love full out strong
loving you and one another, loving all
for all is One.
We thank you, GOD, for strength that gives us peace.
We thank you, GOD, for Peace that makes us strong.
And so it is. Amen. Amen.

Enjoy Peace. Express Peace.


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