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your peace

Your Peace

The title, Your Peace, emphasizes, the word “your”.

The peace you enjoy is your very own peace. You define it. You welcome it. You create it. You promote it. You accept it. You appreciate it. You are responsible for it.

It is, literally, your peace.

You’ve probably heard this about many of life’s major focuses: your happiness, your health, your self-worth, for example. It’s especially true with peace: it is your responsibility.

Our 99 days have explored many ways you may experience peace. The thrust has been to recognize peace in many of its glorious forms. Once you recognize and realize that peace is infinitely real, it becomes a snap to find it, create it, enjoy it, and have more and more and more of it.

If I may, I would like to offer 5 tips that might allow you to fulfill your peace-making responsibility.

Make Time. A frequent obstacle to knowing peace, is “I’m too busy! I can’t find the time!” Don’t look for the time; make the time. Give yourself 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 15 minutes to explore peace. Schedule it. Commit to the schedule. Experience this pre-set time just a few times, and time for peace will be automatic.

Talk It Up. We think more about what we talk about. We think about it before we speak, as we’re talking, and when the conversation is over. If you talk (more) about your peace and where you find it, what it lets you feel, and why it matters to you, you will motivate your consciousness of peace.

Keep a Record. Something as good as peace is worth remembering. Writing down what you experience and the details that are key for you will make it easy for you to recreate and re-enjoy your peace experience. As with Make Time (above), a few minutes of journaling the details about your peace for a few days will very likely make the journaling itself a peace-producer.

Fertilize It. As with flowers, fruits and vegetables, you want your peace to grow as healthy, strong, and productive as it can. Allow your creative mind to answer the question you may already ask: “How can I take this peace up a notch?” Just don’t edit your answers. Any idea about making an experience with peace more meaningful and more fulfilling is a good idea.

Hybridize It. Stick with the gardening metaphor. Bringing two peace “flowers” together can create an especially beautiful blossom. Imagine what can happen if you combine experiences, perhaps with another person and their peace experiences.

It really is your peace. Don’t rely on others to give you peace. Don’t look for situations to deliver peace. Know that what you think, what you concentrate your mind and heart on, is your reality. That can be peace.

Wonderful Presence,
the Peace from which you made me
fills me with power to create peace
in my every day existence.
You grace me with freedom to find
peace in the things I do and the way I do them.
You bless me with opportunities to see
and hear and smell and taste and touch peace
in the human life I live.
You thrill me with autonomy to bring
experiences of peace right to myself
in all these ways and infinitely more.
Sweet Spirit, that I am made with Peace
and can make my own peace
gives me such wonderful gratitude.
Thank you, GOD.
Amen. Amen.

Enjoy Peace. Express Peace.

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