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What If I Know Peace?

I’ve often used “what if” questions to jump start my own creativity and the creativity of those with whom I work. These questions can bring clarity of mind.

Concerning the peace we want more of, I suggest the 5 What If’s that follow can  jump start our creative engines and clear our mental windshields.

I encourage you to pause after each question. You don’t have to construct an answer, but make a moment to let the question tickle your heart and mind. Feel it; think it.

What if you realize that you can know peace that is intricate and instantaneous, and you can also know peace that is  magnificent and long-lasing? What if you know both are good and worthy of your celebration?

What if you possess awareness of even the most elusive moments of peace? What if you allow your Self to see and hear and touch and taste and smell those peace moments as they happen?

What if you train yourself to recognize, appreciate and accept peace when(ever) it happens, however it shows itself?

What if you discover and believe you can invite, even create, peace for your well-being, for your happiness…when you want to?

What if you know peace is not a sensation or a feeling you must wait for, rather peace is yours to bring into your present state?

What if one, two, perhaps all five of those “what if’s” are true for you and your peace? Would that be OK with you?

Sweet and Always Present Spirit,
I love your Peace.
I love my peace.
I thank you that you give me Peace.
I thank you that you empower me to have peace.
I feel my Being blessed by the Peace I AM.
I feel my being thrilled by the peace I share.
I love your Peace of which I am created.
I love my peace which I can create.
All this is you, Sweet Spirit.
All this is me, Sweet Spirit, as I am One with you.
That is my Peace. That gives me peace.
And so it is. And so I thank you, GOD.
Amen. Amen.

Enjoy Peace. Express Peace.

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