Expressing Peace. Daily Word. 34.

Daily Word

Daily Word

Today’s Daily Word from Unity is comfort.

God’s abundant peace is only a thought away.
I am comforted by the divine inner light shining peace, power, and love within me.

I love the Daily Word, read it every day, and always find spiritual meaning and import.

However….for the past 34 days, my personal daily word has been Peace. 

When I began this 100 Day project I only knew two things: I truly appreciate the peace I know and the Peace I know, and I really wanted to give them continuous focus. It’s been fun. It’s been easy. Most beneficially, it’s given me more of those two things I knew:

One morning a several days ago, my ego asked, “So, what’s your peace topic for today?” That is the small voice in my head that sometimes makes a lot of noise. As usual I felt the gut-tug and the brow-furrow. I even heard myself worry, “Where will I find something to write about?”

I knew at once the beautiful truth of the sentence from today’s Daily Word: God’s abundant peace is only a thought away. 

And that Peace is my Peace. That’s the day I wrote about Earth Peace. The idea came (from GOD) as I drove to the office, free of the fear that I might not think of something to write about.

My daily word is Peace. It will be for another 66 days and very likely beyond.

GOD of Every Day,
present every second of every day,
sending us Love and Peace every moment,
guiding and supporting us in any situation,
I thank you for the sweet certainty
that your Peace is always present.
How good to know with faith
that any time I press myself to ask
“Where is my peace?”
the answer is
“Peace is within. Peace is all around.
Peace is in every cell, in every light,
in every breath, in every thing,
in everyone.”
How good to know. How powerful to remember.
And so it is.
Amen. Amen.

Enjoy Peace. Express Peace


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