Your Best Impression

A lasting impression

A Lasting Impression

Impressions mark our lives. Those impressions we make on others; those others make on us.

Now that I’m the age I am, two things occur frequently: I reflect on people I’ve known and I regret the negative impressions I’ve left on too many.

Almost everything in life leaves an impression. That leaf, weighing almost nothing, left its mark on the wet concrete. A mark that lasted.

In 1989 Charles Sheldon’s 1896 novel, In His Steps, was taken to heart — and to wrist — in Holland, MI. The phrase, What would Jesus do?, resulted. More than 14 million bracelets with the acronym WWJD have been sold. I should wear that bracelet.

How would Jesus react, respond? What would Jesus say, do?

I do not always know the exact answers to those questions. I do know that every time I pause to ask myself any of them, what I say or do is better than it might have been.

Knowing that helps me remember that a smile has a better effect than a frown. Allowing someone to pass for whatever reason is a better action than matching their speed. Pausing to hear the entire answer when I ask someone, “How are you?” certainly makes me feel fuller than zooming on by as I ask.

Just remembering that we are all of One helps me remember to smile. Remembering Jesus is the example of how I can be and behave helps me remember to move aside. Recalling the Christ in everyone helps me really want to ask and hear how they are.

Impression Praying

Good Friend God,
The more I thank you for your power
and your presence that is my being,
the more I want to realize and remember
that divinity in everyone I see.
The consciousness that we are One
from you, of you, as you
guides my words and actions with others.
Good Friend, I celebrate that consciousness.
So it is. So it is impressed on me. Amen.

Love and blessings,
2 June 2017

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