Expressing Peace: Bats. 4.

Such is the nature of our personal peace. Stirred moments of time and responsibility, of chores and obligations, of concerns and rushes to and from. These moments, allowed to fold and curl into the ever-flow of life, into the sweet ribbon that is Divine Order, that swirls across the universal sky.

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Five Steps to Spiritual Growth

Sometimes we know we’re on a spiritual journey. Sometimes we don’t. Sometimes we know exactly where we are spiritually; it feels good. Sometimes we think we are just lost; it feels bad. Here are 5 steps to  strengthen your spiritual well-being. Take them one at a time or all at once. Keep in mind that […]

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Working World (4)

Whether it is Friday or whenever the week ends. Pleasing Presence, Thanks for seeing me across the first half of the day, almost to the end of the week. The work and all its twists and turns have not been bad or painful or hard. It’s just been a work week. Lots of time, lots […]

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Working World (3)

Graceful God, My work day’s rhythm is your Will as pulse within me. Tasks today I play in time to your Direction. I perform in time with the beat of your Way. I work in tune with your Hum in my heart. My work is music to my soul, singing in my spirit, composed by […]

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