Humor from: Two Women. Three Dogs. Nine Planets.


Not the Sidewalk Version

Not far from home, one of the busier sidewalks is inlaid with the Solar System. It is in perfect proportion. The Sun, a yellow circle outline, fills the sidewalk’s width. How big a Sun would fit the sidewalk determined, then, the size and spacing of nine Mercury-to-Pluto tiles, along the side of the walk.

I walk the Solar System in 68 strides. I run it in 52.

Saturday morning a few weeks ago, I had just run past Pluto. I noticed ahead two women with three dogs. They chatted as two of their dogs waited, likely ready if not eager to get on with their walk. Dog Three was nosing around the sidewalk’s edge. Sniffing Mercury. Wandering farther out to catch a scent of Venus. He obviously made up his mind. He turned, glanced at the lady holding his leash, and walked back to the Sun’s southern rim.

As I was crossing Jupiter, I saw him lift his leg. I slowed to a stop. To the leash-holder I grinned: “Excuse me, ma’am. Your dog just peed on the Sun!!”

She held her breath only long enough to decide I meant no offense. She laughed. Then she laughed some more.

Her smile turned into a gotcha grin as she answered: “Thank God he didn’t put it out!”

For the rest of my run and even beyond, I laughed at her response. I felt thanks that she had laughed at mine. I enjoyed the exchange of two strangers finding humor in both sides of an uneventful event. I appreciated that humor is such a good, good thing.

Living, laughing Spirit,
thank you for the limitless laughter chances we encounter.
Thank you for each time you let us recognize those chances to laugh
and thank you all the more that we are unafraid to grab them.
Thank you we then laugh.
Thank you, GOD, that we can laugh out loud at funny expressions
in trees and clouds and car grills.
Thank you, GOD, we laugh in tune to funny lyrics
and in time to wind chuckling autumn leaves.
Thank you, GOD, we look into ourselves and find what is amusing
meant to be or not
and laugh our gratitude.
Thank you, fun-laughing GOD.
And so we let us laugh. Amen.

Love and blessings,

27 November 2016

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