Morning Prayer 35/100. Flashlight blessing.

My flashlight blessing this morning sticks in my mind.*

Alex and I were walking well before dawn. Quite dark. I was carrying the short, almost pocket-sized flashlight. Alex had situated himself, leg-raised, alongside a mailbox post. I saw in the darkness a leaf by the curb.

Loving the crisp crackle-crunch from stepping on a dried leaf–especially in the total predawn stillness– I lifted my foot to step on it.

Flashlight blessing

Flashlight blessing

Something–thank you, God!–withheld my foot and clicked on my torch and aimed its beam at a hand-sized, squatted flat on the pavement frog! Very much alive. Very much not a leaf. Very glad I didn’t step. At least I was!

Sometimes all around us is well lit. We can clearly see what to do, where to step. Or where not to step.

Sometimes it’s like the pre-dawn dark and we need a flashlight blessing. We need some guidance from the flick of a switch and a light beam showing us where we’re about to go, letting us decide if that’s our path. Or not.

As Alex and I finished the walk, I was likely the only one thinking of the many times I’ve received a flashlight blessing and figuratively spared a frog. And truly spared myself.

God of Love and Light,
what a blessing to see where we’re going,
what we are about to encounter,
where we are about to take ourselves.
Your guidance and your love
give us that light,
allow us to understand and appreciate
all that surrounds and supports us.
With that clear sight we make out choice
of whether to proceed and in which direction.
Thank you, God, for shining light
along the path before us.
And so it is. Amen.

Love and blessings,




*Mind-sticky enough I went back out with flashlight and iPhone to capture “kermit’s” pic.

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