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Wrong Side of the Door.

By day 3 of the cruise, Cindy and I were well acquainted with the evening dinner routine, the others at our table (#408) and our serving team, Nadan, Darko and Josephus. They were impressive. Their dedication to pleasing the customers was superlative. The effort (time+energy+enthusiasm) with which they performed was inspiring. Their smiles were constant […]

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Morning Prayer 22/100. Here and now

Here and now. Here. Now. Not there. Here. Not then. Now. Presence is a matter of time and space. Being present is a call to be here, now. Here and now. This place. This time. The here part is about mindfulness. Being conscious of the environment, the situation, the surroundings — even to the minutia. […]

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Morning Prayer 16/100. Interruptions

Interruptions happen. This morning after meditating and as I was writing in my prayer journal, I listened to Flute Meditation Radio on Pandora. Free Pandora. Suddenly a voice that could have been from ’70s A.M. radio was selling hot tubs in my ear. That interruption snapped my attention from the spiritual to the human worldly. Unavoidable because […]

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Affirmantra 78. Peace.

Peace is the enduring Presence for me. Your Peace is the Presence of God. God’s Presence is Peace for you and for me. As you attend that Peace, you can know God’s Presence. As you immerse your Self in God’s Presence, you can know the most perfect Peace. Peace is the enduring Presence for me. […]

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