Like I Want It To Be

When it’s not like I want it to be, how can I fix it?

That question is not about the burned pancake or sitting behind some really tall person at the movies. It’s about that big thing that takes a lot of your time, that lasts a long time, and that you would like to feel good about for a long time. Maybe even after you’re finished working on it.

I’ll bet you have asked yourself the same thing: How can I make it like I want it to be?

Like I want it to be
by Ian Schneider on Unsplash

The immediate instance for me refers to a group of wonderful people, volunteers with whom I have the pleasure of working. Because I volunteered to lead the volunteers, I want our effort to be a success, a long-time success, and a success that we’ll feel good about for a long time after.

Lately I’ve been concerned that what we’re supposed to be doing is not getting done as smoothly or as thoroughly as we expected ourselves. My intuition whispers loudly that I am not alone feeling disappointment.

It is not the way I want it to be. What can I do? How can I fix it?

I don’t know. Honestly, I don’t know for sure.

I asked the question so many times it had begun to seem like I was banging my head against a wall. Maybe that tactic works because I believe I have received some hints of awareness. Not answers directly to the questions but awareness that may reward me with answers.

Forgive my mixed metaphors, but if my question-asking was head-banging, then my awareness-whispers were buckets of ice-water over my head. That ice-water came as 4 sequential shocks, one right after another.

In fact, the only gap between each of them was the length of time it took me to understand the why behind each “aha!”

On the chance of success, I’d like to share my awareness-whispers with you. Over the next couple of weeks, I’ll keep you posted on how they work out.

Like I Want It To Be

Here is what I sensed…what I heard spiritually:

  1. Affirm Spirit will let me know how… instead of asking myself how I can. The linkage is Spirit > Heart > Mind > Body/action. So, instead of asking myself how to make things better, I should affirm Spirit’s letting me know how I might.
  2. Remember the best first behavior is to be still. Being in a hurry to do puts my focus on my body. I just read in A Course in Miracles that “The body is merely part of your experience in the physical world. Its abilities can be and frequently are overvalued.” Being still allows me time to listen and to hear the guidance.
  3. Listen with my heart so that my mind may know what my heart hears. That’s the continuation of #2. It’s also an expanded version of the much better advice: Be still and know….
  4. Pray that the good will manifest, not necessarily for what I define as the good. If I am to take any action up front, the best action is to pray. Simply to affirm that I will be guided to do whatever is the right and best thing to do.

I am putting these whispers into action. I feel a definite comfort that what is to be for the best will be for the best. And what the best is may be something I do not yet know. That’s OK. I am confident that Affirm – Remember – Listen – Pray will lead us to what is best.

Praying like I want it to be

Good Friend God, I am confident now
that having a project or an assignment or a task
or any situation
be like I want it to be
requires only that I allow myself to know your presence
which is peace, power, and awareness.
Thanks for letting me know
that rather than tie myself in knots to know
how I might have the situation be like I want it to be
I’m better off affirming your presence
and enjoying your engagement.
I receive your guidance when I listen with my heart.
I clarify reception by praying thanks to you.
So, thank you, Good Friend.

Love & Blessings,

8 January 2020

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