Praying Made Easy. 15. To Release Resentment.

Release Resentment

Release Resentment
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The reason to release resentment is simple. It does no good to hold onto resentment of someone else’s words or actions. Some have told me that resentment is a strong motivator. The desire to get even can be a powerful impulse.

You harbor resentment, and you become its slave. Buddha put it best: “Those who are free of resentful thoughts surely find peace.”

Psychologists have a lot to say about resentment. Here are a couple of handy, easy-reads if you are curious.

And here is my nutshell version of resentment’s price:

I am not resentment-proof. I have long looked for a set of tools to help release my resentment. Consider these, please:

  1. Commit to do no harm to others…although resentment may want you to.
  2. Stand in your resentment pain…to make #1 easier.
  3. See the inner Being of whoever you feel caused your resentment.
  4. Realize you allowed the resentment more than they caused it.
  5. Forgive. Give forgiveness. Give forgiveness for your resentment’s release.

Praying to Release Resentment

Guiding Spirit,
I am blessed by your leading me
to not cause pain to others.
When I feel pain, you remind me
that if I stand in my pain I will not share it.
You let me know our Oneness, mine with every other being.
So I release myself to know my human mind sources my resentment.
These blessings bring me to forgive,
to give up and release my unreal need to feel resentment.
I then am able to forgive at will, with joy.
Guiding Spirit, your presence allows me
to be glad that I replace resentment with Love
from which we are created.
So it is and so I thank you, God. Amen.

Love and blessings,
28 March 2018

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