Praying Made Easy. 5. To Complete a Project

To complete a project

To Complete a Project
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The quest to complete a project can sometimes seem impossible. Or sometimes it can be a piece of cake, easy-breezy. Would that we could turn the first type into the second type.

All sorts of obstacles, distractions, and impediments get between doing the project and cheering, “Yes! It is done!” Not having enough time. Not being sure of the plan. Needing others’ support or help. Lacking confidence in oneself. Procrastinating.

These obstacles just add to the anxiety of not-getting-it-done. They also subtract from the simple joy of doing.

I am on the verge of saying the whole world hasn’t enough fingers to count the times I’ve prayed to the effect of “Please, God, let me finish this project.” More than once I’ve laughed and reminded myself, “God’s not keeping you from getting the project done.”

Lately I’ve discovered this action. It’s yours for the using.

Do. Reward. Do. Reward. Do. Reward.

It’s simple. I don’t think to the end. I avoid focusing on all the things I must do, get, complete in order to finish the project. My attention is on doing the one activity right in front of me. Scheduling a series of meetings. Drafting the project plan. Buying our Christmas tree.

And when that one action is done, I reward myself. Likely not with a day off. A cup of coffee. A look out the window at birds on the feeders. A smile and “good show” for myself.

Then on to the next Do.

A Prayer to Complete a Project

Good Friend God, you bless us
with the opportunity to do what we want,
as we want to do it, and even
when we want to do it.
Such blessings allow us the power to give ourselves
projects. And the power to complete those projects, if and when
we decide to.
The ways we guide ourselves, encourage ourselves,
and reward ourselves are ours to choose.
The ideas, the tactics, come to us from you.
You are the source of our creative power.
Ours are the projects to complete.
Yours is the blessing that guides us to completing them.
And so it is. And so we thank you, Good Friend.

Love and blessings,

14 November 2017

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