Praying Made Easy. 6. Thanksgiving,

A Small Thanksgiving

A Small Thanksgiving Photo by Yoel Kamara on Unsplash

Happy Thanksgiving. We say it many times, this time each year. And we mean it. No doubt that everyone has much to be thankful for.

So, is there any difficulty?

For me it’s this: wanting to give thanks for every thing; feeling badly that I can’t. My complaint goes like this:

I have so much to be thankful for that I don’t know where to begin. I don’t want to give thanks for just “everything”, but I cannot figure how to give thanks for every thing!

Been working on getting past that for several years. This year I may have found an answer. For me. You’re welcome to try it.

First, it may help to know that every morning after writing in my Prayer Conversations journal, I list my “Thankful Tankful”. I’ve done it for years, yet this year I’ve applied it as preparation for the Big Thanksgiving which happens tomorrow.

You’re welcome to try it.

By the way, thank you for opening Prayerful Life.

A Prayer for Full-Scale Thanksgiving

Gracious, Giving God,
with open heart and happy mind
we release ourselves from the constraint
of feeling we must itemize our thanks.
Our gratitude is not what we owe you thanks
in return for all our blessings, though
we were taught it’s the polite thing to say.
We express our thanks to deepen our awareness and appreciation
for the hundreds of small, medium, large and extra-large
wonders in our lives.
We do not worry that the tiny frog resting in our palm
does or does not make as thankful as our house,
our car, our education.
We enjoy thanks to you for the frog, our palm,
and their communion.
So it is. And so we thank you, God.

Love and blessings,




22 November 2017

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