The lone survivor

downloadFeeling torn by the truth of the film Lone Survivor is an understatement. The movie’s story is of Navy Seals and other American soldiers in a tragic war event in Afghanistan in 2005. The 2 hours vividly recount heroism, loss of life, brotherly love, patriotism, personal and ethnic honor, and much, much more.

Lone Survivor is tough to watch. The many emotions left me physically tired. I believe in loyalty and patriotism. I oppose warfare and violence. I felt pain for the injured and sorrow for the dead. I felt anger for the forces opposing US soldiers. I left the theater exhausted.

At the same time, I was relieved and secure to rely on Spirit. The story of Marcus Luttrell, the lone survivor, is true. Battles between nations religions, or tribes are real. But none as Real or as True as Spirit.

Spirit allowed me to forgive my looking at human events on the screen and feeling human “right and wrong”. Spirit allowed me to know the holiness in everyone and to look from heart to heart and see Love. Spirit encouraged me to let go and simply know the Truth: the supreme power and presence is with us–all of us–all the time, in every way.

Spirit of Truth,
the push and pull of human emotions
from movies or real life
are our creation, as is the fear and stress,
anger and hatred.
As our human creations they are real
only on our physical plane.
They pale to nothing against the reality
of Love and Peace and Faith and Grace.
They disappear when we know forgiveness:
first ourselves, then our brothers and sisters.
We forgive not what we see as done
but that we do not see as One.
You teach us to look from our Christ Consciousness
allowing us to see the Christ Spirit in others,
in all others.
That is Real. That is True.
Thank you, Spirit.
And so it is. Amen.



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