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Morning Prayer 17/100. Forgetful

Forgetful thanks to my intense attention to a work assignment, I overlooked posting yesterday’s Morning Prayer. Or, what is now today’s Morning Prayer. About being forgetful. Spiritually forgetful. So often I begin a day by reminding myself to pray frequently, to pray at the spur of the moment, to pray without planning, to pray for no […]

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The lone survivor

Feeling torn by the truth of the film Lone Survivor is an understatement. The movie’s story is of Navy Seals and other American soldiers in a tragic war event in Afghanistan in 2005. The 2 hours vividly recount heroism, loss of life, brotherly love, patriotism, personal and ethnic honor, and much, much more. Lone Survivor is tough to watch. […]

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From 2012 to 2013

The philosopher Seneca stated: Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end. Perhaps we recognize and pay attention to that truth more at this time of year than any other. We look both backward and forward, reflecting and projecting. That is exactly what Julius Caesar had in mind when he officially standardized the Julian […]

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The Love Within

If there were only one “season of Love”, this would most likely be it. This time of year shows us and lets us show God’s Love. We enjoy and celebrate the Love demonstrated by the birth of Jesus who not only embodied but fully lived the Christ Spirit in every element of his human existence. […]

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