PersonAll Success: what you mean to your Self

That title evokes comparison with ArmorAll, a product line for every part of the car: Interior, Exterior, Wheels & Tires. This past Sunday we looked at PersonAll, a way to bring our bodies, minds and spirit all to one sense of Self, to awareness of the PersonAll, the all-person.

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Let’s also notice the sub-title phrase your Self. It means much more than the plain ol’ ordinary reflexive pronoun “yourself.” The meaning and the meaningfulness of your Self comes from how you translate all experience, all you know, all you are/do/have. There’s a catch to knowing that total meaningfulness. Fully, successfully embracing the Self is beyond understanding.

Understanding is our comprehending, analyzing, 2+2=5ing, and ABCing our reality. And that’s the human reality, the everyday reality, the on-this-earth-life-we-live reality. Understanding is the human alternative to knowing. Our Self meaning and meaningfulness require more than understanding; they require knowledge.

Our meaning and our meaningfulness are about Truth.

Knowing – not understanding – Truth comes from searching out what interferes with Truth. Truth is. Truth is always present. Interference is that Truth may be unrecognized. Unrecognition comes from keeping Truth and its opposite (unreality) separate. We allow opposites to exist by keeping them separate. When opposites are brought together, union occurs.

Recognizing Truth is bringing together light and darkness…darkness disappears. Recognizing Truth brings together knowledge (not just understanding) and ignorance…ignorance disappears. Recognizing Truth is bringing together good and evil…evil disappears.

Our human consciousness keeps alive the separation of our human being  and our Spirit (joy, eternity, Peace with capital P). Achieving PersonAll brings our human being and our spiritual being together, as we recognize the Truth and reality that Spirit is.

Do we really keep the opposites alive? Consider the difference you may feel between being among the dynamic community at Unity Center on Sundays and running got-to-get-them-done errands on Tuesday. Not unlikely that Truth s more front-of-mind (and heart) on Sunday and our human existence demands more of our conscious attention on Tuesday (and Wednesday and Thursday…).

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PersonAll — bringing together our enjoyment of the body-mind-spirit that is our Self — comes from a conscious application of Faith of God. Conscious application means acknowledging and affirming the faith all the time. Or as often as my human mind remembers. Why not practice a simple affirmation to program your human consciousness to that Faith:

I am One with God…

My faith in God is strong…

God is my peace and my power…

Acknowledging all the time, in every instance, the simple faith of God is to acknowledge the Power (capital P) of the Truth that I AM. It allows us to see the disappearance of separation between being human and being Spirit. It allows us to go beyond understanding. It brings us knowledge of our PersonAll.

Love and Blessings,

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