Return to Morning Prayer: 38/100. No Lost Balls.

So glad to return. So long away. Weeks of thinking/worrying what to say, how to return, where to re-begin. I’d taken almost as much time away from golf. Busy at work was my initial barrier. Then after time away, the fear of returning to the golf course was in my way. Opened this morning; […]

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Morning Prayer 20/100. Gratitude

If you don’t know the language of gratitude, you’ll not be on speaking terms with happiness. (Unknown source) Meister Eckhardt said that if “Thank you!” is the only prayer one ever says, that will be enough. I’m delighted to be discovering/uncovering more and more ways to be aware of my gratitude. That means in turn […]

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Expressing Thanks.

Happy Thanksgiving. I’m aware as I am thinking, typing, even quietly expressing thanks aloud, I don’t need to reserve it for this single day. Giving thanks truly is a happy thing. The release of expressing gratitude for anything — big, small, life-changing, smile-making — brings back a feel good. Notice that today. Notice that tomorrow. […]

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Expressing Peace. Front Porch after Supper. 68.

I know wonderful peace from my front porch after supper. The day–the work day–is done. I am slowing down; I enjoy the outside world slowing down around me. The air has more weight than at 6:45 this morning as the sky lightened. The light now softens. Sounds, even of the few cars passing right in […]

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