Memorial Day Thanksgiving

Red. White. Blue. Memorial

Our Memorial Symbol

Happy Memorial Day.

Every day and any day are perfect times to express gratitude to and for those who serve our country, our citizens, our safety and well-being. Then Memorial Day brings that gratitude to the front of our minds. Thus, today is the chance to hold in memorial those who have already served and to thank those serving now.

Therefore, to every individual now and through the entire existence of the United States, THANK YOU! this Memorial Day.

No matter your reason for joining your service of choice — desire to serve, to follow your heritage, to fulfill draft obligations, to find your certainty — you served this country. And we are thankful.

In my own way I honor all those who have made my earthly freedom possible.

Sweet Spirit,
On this special day we remember and respect
and relay our thanks for every man and woman,
for every soldier, airperson, sailor, Marine,
for every police officer, fire fighter, and emergency medical server.
Their efforts protect and preserve the freedoms of our nation.
Their sacrifices of physical safety and life itself
demonstrate time over time their commitment
to our way of life, to our precious democracy, to our independence
as a nation of individuals.
Sweet Spirit, we thank you for their service,
for their grace as our brothers and sisters.
So it is, and so we say amen.

Love and Blessings,


29 May 2017

US Flag image: — © Royalty-Free/Corbis

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