Morning Prayer 33/100. Steady pace

Moving at a steady pace is most often your best bet. I went out to run earlier than usual one morning last week. All along the way, a 10-yard stretch of grass separates sidewalk from boulevard. I rounded a curve and came upon a doe and two fawn, perhaps 3 weeks old, grazing on that […]

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Let Go. Let God.

I am interrupting the current Affirmantra© series, but only for this posting. Last evening I made well-being calls to those in my Prayer Chaplain group. When the call went to their voice mail, I would release the prayer message below. The more times I said it, the better I felt. Living, loving Spirit, we hear […]

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Expressing Peace. Amazement. 88.

Amazement happens and is almost immediately overlooked. In fact, it’s overlooked so immediately, it may not be recognized at all. We grow accustomed to so many amazing things we take them for granted. The increasing speed at which an increasing number of (amazing) things happen: too many, too fast for us to stop and smell […]

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Expressing Peace. Waiting in Line. 73.

At a breakfast meeting this morning, Cindy and I were waiting in line to fill our plates. The line moved quickly. The others were friendly. The food supply was ample. And as I stepped, stopped, stepped, stopped, stepped my way to the scrambled eggs and hash brown potatoes, I realized today’s topic. Research from Cal […]

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